This site is intended as a guide for all students of art history!  It contains information and advice on how to write art history papers, how to find and cite sources, and how to apply for graduate school.  It should help you through your introductory survey courses and your upper division courses in your major. 

Art history does rule!  It is the finest and noblest of subjects, the most challenging and wonderful of studies!  You will have the chance to hold thousand-year-old books and two-thousand-year-old sculptures, to travel the world (often on someone else’s dime), to gain access behind closed doors, to the insides of the vaults, beyond the red velvet ropes that stop the tourists from getting any closer to the masterpieces of the world.  These are all things we do regularly in the fabulous field of art history!

Every discipline has its own particular (and often peculiar) rules to be followed.  I have tried to assemble here a list of the Art History Rules.  I hope you find it useful!

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Art History Rules!